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American Bully


About American Bully

American bully as its name suggests originated from the US around 1980. Often mistaken for an American Pitbull Terrier and an American Bulldog, but the bully is a different breed. The breed is a combination of American Pitbull Terrier and American Staffordshire. The bully was first recognized by the UK Kennel Club. American bully comes in 4 sizes. Pocket size is the smallest but still has a lot of muscle. The standard size is a bigger version of the pocket size. The classic size is same the size of the standard one but the looks resemble the one of American Pitbull Terrier. And the last one is XL which is basically a huge version of the standard size bully. They have gotten very popular ever since they were recognized. Mostly because of their distinct looks and muscley appearance.

Male :45-50cm
Female : 42-48cm

Male : 110–130 pounds (50–59 kg)
Female : 100–120 pounds (45–54 kg)

Minimal Shedding

8-15 years

Frequently Asked Questions

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American Bullies are relatively easy to maintain in terms of grooming and cleanliness. They don’t shed as much as some other breeds might. They can do without regular bathing as they have a short coat that doesn’t shed much. American Bullies are peaceful unless provoked. They need a lot of socialisation training as puppies. They don’t tend to attack out of the blue though unless they feel their family is threatened. Bullies need a good amount of exercise. They love running, fetch, and all sorts of play. A daily walk or short run will keep them in shape. Bullies also need very good quality dog food to help maintain their sturdy and muscular build. Proper nutrition and exercise can do wonders for American Bullies.

BRUSHES FOR American Bully

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    Nail Clipper

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American bully Temperament

An ideal American bully is a very loving family dog. These dogs want nothing but to please their masters. THis the best trait about any dog. The bully has the loyalty of a Pitbull Terrier and the loving nature of an American Staffordshire. American bully is a perfect dog if you want a guardian for the house. At the same time, they are very loving and loyal companions. American bully would love the owner who is firm yet loving.

American Bully Activity Requirements




12 Miles


60 Minutes