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About English bulldog

Originated around the 13th century, the English bulldog is a small-to-medium sized breed of dog popularly known for their incredible kid-friendly nature. Initially used for driving kettles to the market, the bulldog is a muscular, beefy dog with a distinctive wrinkled face and a pushed-in nose but the Bulldogs are largely preferred because of their gentle companionship. Gained its initial popularity because of a sport called Bullbaiting. Commonly known as British Bulldog because of the longstanding association with the British culture and has also been stated by the BBC: “to many the Bulldog is a national icon, symbolizing pluck and determination.”Bulldogs have a very high level of adaptability and low attention needs. One of the oldest breeds native to the UK, they have come a long way from driving kettles in the market to being a complete family pet.

Male 31-40cm
Female 30-34cm

Male 23-25kg
Female 18-23kg

Average shedder. Brushing the coat at least once a week can help.

8-10 years

Frequently Asked Questions

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Regular cleansing of the face and ears is must to keep your Bulldog looking good and healthy. Because they have short hair, brushing is not much of an issue. Weekly grooming and brushing would keep them in fine fettle. Nails and dental hygiene need basic attention. Getting them used to the dental hygiene at an early age would be a good idea so they enjoy it. Bulldog is a strong headed dog so patience is needed while your dog is being trained on basic things. But they are a wonderful addition to the family as they love the perfect family time who they are very protective about. They can have health issues because of their short nose so frequent cleansing is advised. Bulldogs put on weight very easily and quickly. Always keep an eye on their intake. Keep fresh and clean water for them at all times.

BRUSHES FOR English Bulldog

  • dog brush
    Pin Brush
  • dog brush
  • dog brush
  • dog brush
    Nail Clipper

brushing frequency FOR English Bulldog


English Bulldog Temperament

The Bulldog is a great lover. Their conduct is very friendly and pleasant. Has a reputation as an excellent watchdog although they spend much of the day snoring on the sofa. Their sensitive nature and responsiveness to training make them a perfect family dog. Bulldogs are stubborn and it is bet advised to not encourage them to be stubborn. Needs socialization to get along well with family members and other pets. They have come a long way from fighting bulls initially to being a couch potato people love now.

English Bulldog Activity Requirements




6 miles


30 Minutes