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About St. Bernard

The St. Bernard is a giant breed of dog originating from the Alps in Switzerland, France and Italy. It has gained its popularity due to its size and stories of Alpine rescues. They were immensely popular for saving lives back then. These dogs were originally used to guard the grounds. The English used to call them Sacred Dogs and imported a lot of them into their country and made them popular household pets.

From being an alps dog to one of the most popular large size house pet all over the world. St Bernard have come a long way.

Male 70 – 90cm
Female 65 – 80cm

64 – 120Kgs

St Bernards shed heavily. They shed twice a year. And if you are a neat freak then you would have your hands full all the time.

8 – 10 Years

Frequently Asked Questions

They say ‘ A dog is a man’s best friend’. How would you feel if your best friend starts having complications over the course of its life? We make sure that never happens. Buying from us guarantees that your dog is delivered to you in the best of its health, free of any disease. Contrary to if you buy puppies online, all our breeds are :

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We make sure your dog is delivered to you in all its health. Which is why we ship the dog via flight in IATA approved case/cage. Before being shipped, the puppy is properly vaccinated, dewormed and fed just enough to prevent any complications during the course of the flight. You will have to collect the puppy from the airport for which all the necessary details will be duly provided. For sure its expensive but it guarantees minimal problems for the puppy and is safe too. Don’t worry, our prices include shipping.

The gentle giant of the alps does not like heat much (for obvious reasons). It is not at all advisable to own one if you live in areas with more hot weather than cold. St. Bernard are droolers and hence need their muzzle wiped regularly. Since they have thick coats, they require more than just brushing every time. They should be bathed with a mild dog shampoo. The area around their eye needs to be wiped as well. This 100kg breed of dog must not be taught to jump on people and also not to pull on the leash when out on walks. 3-4 meals per day are recommended. 5 cups of good dog food can be split into 2 meals. Obedience training is not necessary however in special cases you must consult a vet.


  • dog brush
    Pin Brush
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    Nail Clipper

brushing frequency FOR St. Bernard


St. Bernard Temperament

Despite being a large sized dog, St Bernard love to stay indoors.The St. Bernard is kind, calm and gentle with adults, and especially children. Pups must be socialized with people and other pets in order to prevent possible aggression. They are known to be good companions and workers. They love messing around so you would always need to take care of your household belongings as they do not shy away from spreading out. Moderate exercise and walk is needed to keep them motivated. Clean water and high nutrition food must be fed to them to keep these dogs in their best shape and behavior. They are very friendly;y around kids and completely harmless. However, it is advised to introduce them to members properly at an early age.

St. Bernard Activity Requirements




6 miles


30 Minutes